Learn your way around BrainRoll OAS in seconds. Try different hats!

We have set up the demo site for you to test drive the Online Application & Review System in any of four most frequently requested roles: Applicant, Recommender, Evaluator (faculty reviewer) and Curator (University admin). No usernames or passwords required in the demo, just click the respective buttons and see the app through the eyes of each role. Bon Voyage!

Test Drive as an "Applicant"

applicantFor an "Applicant", the online application is a two-part, six-step process. In Part I, everyone fills in the commonly required information (personal data, GPA & GRE scores, transcripts, essays, etc.) Applicants can leave the application and come back to it later, automatically landing on the exact step they left it off. Upon completion of the Part I, the PDF of the application will be automatically generated and the "Applicant" is now redirected to the Part 2, to request recommendation letters. To do that, Applicants are asked to "register" three or more references by providing their names and email addresses. At that time the recommendation requests are emailed to the references along with detailed instructions regarding system access and evaluation criteria. An "Applicant" can monitor who has and who hasn't submitted the recommendation letters (without actually seeing the letters) and send reminders if necessary. Once a recommendation has been submitted, it's also automatically appended to the PDF of the "Applicant's" online application form. Test driving as an "Applicant" you may familiarize yourself with a range of sample of applications at different degrees of completeness.

Applicant Demo »

Test Drive as a "Recommender"

recommenderOnce logged in as a "Recommender" you will see a list of all completed and pending recommendation requests. Once a recommendation is submitted, it is automatically added to the respective "Applicant's" online record and appended to the PDF of his/her application form. Test drive as a "Recommender" to see how simple and straight forward the process could be.

Recommender Demo »

Test Drive as an "Evaluator"

evaluatorAs a faculty member assigned to review a number of applications, you don't have to sift anymore through piles of paper! Just log in as an "Evaluator" and you will see all applications neatly sorted into categories, with the very first category being "Assigned to You". Moreover, when you look at the list of "Applicants" there, you will see the gist of information about each person already distilled at the very top of his/her record. Click on the "Expand Profile" link to see all his/her data available.

Evaluator Demo »

Test Drive as a "Curator"

curator"Curator" is an admin role in the system. But it does not imply that you have to be super tech savvy. It fact, it simplifies the admissions process by streamlining your existing workflow not making you adjust to a new one. All in all, the "Curator" is the most powerful user in the system. Curator can
* Add new users and assign them one of the existing roles.
* Manage all users in the system.
* Communicate with users in one-on-one or in bulk.
* Set interview dates and application status.
* Set automatic email messages.
* Add new "Evaluators".
* Assign/re-assign "Evaluators" to "Applicants".
* Perform role-based users searches.
* Review all applications and recommendations.
* Review "Evaluators" comments for each "Applicant".

Curator Demo »

Please remember, Brain Roll OAS is a very flexible application that can accommodate many other roles as necessary.

Questions? Call 1-800-535-6044, email or send a tweet to @BrainRoll